JW Marriott Hotel, Kuwait


10 – 12 December 2019

2019/12/10 00:45:18


The marketing landscape is forever changing, and sales, marketing and branding professionals have to constantly adapt and renew their business strategies and efforts. Kuwait Marketing & Business Development Summit will share insights into the latest competitive marketing best practices, emerging trends and the cutting-edge tools that can take our organizations to the next level.

The summit agenda includes a variety of topics and speakers incorporating proven, cutting edge strategies, tools and case studies relevant for companies both large and small, private and public, mature and early stage.

Themes focus on the latest ideas, technologies and trends in the ever-changing world of marketing. The agenda will be packed full of innovative topics, practical ideas, case studies and best practices.The summit aims to establish a high-level platform featuring interactive exchange among academic, business, government and non-profit organizations. This is an excellent opportunity for attendees to find inspiration and fresh ideas, learn from the experts, network with colleagues and advance their careers.



  • Marketing Strategy
  • Revenue and Sales strategy
  • Marketing & Sales Automation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Data, analytics, and metrics
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital and viral marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Integrated sales & marketing communications

Who should attend?

VPs, Directors, CXOs, Heads, Managers, Leaders of:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Operational/Process Excellence
  • Performance Improvement
  • Quality & Strategy
  • Continuous/Business/Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Planning & Control
  • Agile/Digital/Cultural Transformation
  • Technology Innovation
  • Business Transformation
  • Business/Process Architect & Engineering
  • Data analytics and management
  • Data Security and Protection
  • AI, Automation, and Robotics

Why Attend?

• Learn
how to be innovative with your marketing and business development.

• Discover
the hottest trends, new ideas, and fresh perspectives from industry experts, as well as your peers.

• Network
with the best and the brightest marketing and business development experts.

• Boost
your sales & elevate your brand.

The event is perfect for:

  • Marketing directors & managers
  • Sales managers and team leaders
  • Brand professionals
  • Business development executives
  • Account executives
  • Communication directors
  • Field researchers, Education institutions
  • Government, IT Departments and managers



Building an Effective Marketing Campaign


Dr. Abdullah A Aldousari

Dr. Abdullah A Aldousari,Professor & Marketing Consultant at Kuwait University

Time : 9 am to 1 pm
Date : 10 December 2019
Venue : JW Marriott hotel, kwait


This workshop will go over the important concepts of marketing, the role of branding, and how to build an effective marketing strategy in five steps.


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