Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson

Sales Director, Aion Digital, Bahrain


What does the bank of the future look like?


A look at Neo Banks and how BaaS supports future banks globally and regionally.


Mark Ferguson is the Sales Director of Aion Digital – based in Bahrain; helping banks to go digital with certainty.
He has more than 25 years sales and management experience with world-leading software and services companies; specialist in banking, fintech, and optimised business processes.
For 12 years at SAP and PSI he managed multi-function teams to initiate and manage major global client relationships – with strong focus on UK, Europe and Asia.
Mr Ferguson’s international management experience helps Aion Digital create software solutions that enable our banking customers to compete in changing markets; and go digital faster, cheaper and with certainty; Artificial Intelligence capability delivers astonishing ROI.
Mark believes that strong customer focus and world-class teamwork are critical to successful long term customer relationships.


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