Abdul Salam Knio

Abdul Salam Knio

Managing partner for Information and Communication Technology W.L.L., Qatar


Digital transformation, challenges, impact and opportunities


– Demystifying DT. Setting the perspective
– WHAT, WHY, and WHO organizations should act NOW
– Need for a holistic framework for successful transformation
– What are the Challenges? Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal, Environmental?
– Characteristics of the Digital Economy: Competition, Intellectual Properties, Customer expectations, operating model, platforms, …etc.
– Impact of DT: New Job Roles, new Skills, Focus on Intellectual value, Digital Disruption, Minds & Machines. …etc.
– Opportunities in the Digital Economy: Startups, Role of Innovation and Design Thinking, FinTech & RegTech, Industry 4.0, Smart and Connected, Governments,
– ACTION : Leadership, Strategy not Tactic, Innovation, Human factor, Resourcing, Data-driven, ..etc


Mr. Knio leads the digital business transformation initiative, by helping organizations realize the benefits of the digital economy, and mitigate the risks of digital disruption.

In addition to his 30 years of business and technology experience dealing with enterprise companies in different sectors, Mr. Knio possesses a number of certifications in the digital field such as FinTech, Industry 4.0, Sustainability management, Innovation and design thinking, digital transformation management, AI, IoT, Blockchain, and many others.

His core skills include storytelling, business case positioning, leadership, public speaking, and advising.

Contributed to many local and international business and technology forums, such as judging in business incubation centers, innovation awards Judge, guest lecturer in Carnegie Mellon university Qatar, panelist in Digital Lebanon conference, and more.


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